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  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

    Intelligent Transport Systems introduce new technological solutions in transport by connecting information and communication technologies and electronics with transport, traffic and civil engineering.

    This synergy improves how transport networks are planned, constructed, developed, used, maintained and managed.

    ITS are all applications of advanced technology in transport which enable various groups of users to use transport networks in a safer, more coordinated and more efficient way.

  • All transport modes

    Intelligent Transport Systems do not limit themselves on a single transport mode; on the contrary - new technologies are creating new opportunities, enabling ITS applications in all passenger and freight modes of transport (road, rail, waterways, air) and their combinations (multimodal/intermodal).


  • Cooperation with relevant national, regional and European authorities and institutions involved in the implementation of ITS

  • Networking of companies competent for implementation of ITS on local, national, regional and European level

  • Promotion of activities and capacity building in order to improve the level of implementation of ITS in Serbia

  • Support in development and implementation of the ITS Strategy and Action Plan in Serbia

  • Support in transposition of the ITS Directive 2010/40 and delegated regulation acts into national legislation

Serbian Member in the Network of National ITS Associations


Latest activities of the Serbian ITS Association

ITS: The Game Changer

ITS European Congress 2023

15th ITS European Congress has been held in Portugal in Lisbon Congress Centre between 22 and 24 May 2023. There were 2500+ participants from over 60 countries, with representatives of Serbian ITS Association among them. 

Serbian ITS Association become member of ITS Nationals on this Congress. ITS Nationals - Network of National ITS Associations were one of the partners in the organization of the ITS European Congress. 

ITS Nationals Plenary Meeting

Serbian ITS Association becomes member of ITS Nationals

On Plenary Meeting of ITS Nationals - Network of National ITS Associations, held in Lisbon on 21 May 2023, Serbian ITS Association has formally become a member of ITS Nationals. 

The Network of National ITS Associations is a grouping of national ITS interests formed in order to ensure that ITS knowledge and information is transmitted to all actors at the local and national level and support ITS promotion from the ground up.

Study visit

Serbian ITS Association visit to Slovenia

Slovenian ITS Association hosted Serbian ITS Association members on 8 and 9 November 2022. Experiences regarding activities of ITS Associations have been shared, including visit to Regional Traffic Control Center and National Access Point which is located in Dragomelj, Domžale.

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