About Us

ITS Serbia, the National ITS Association was founded in 2022, with the purpose of contributing to the improvement of efficiency and safety in the Serbian transport system, and the implementation of best European practices.

The association is an independent membership organization representing ITS Stakeholders, including: suppliers, authorities and research institutions working with intelligent transport systems and solutions. The members of ITS Serbia are working with intelligent traffic solutions on different levels in different industries, in private and public organizations.

The network covers both passenger and freight transport in all modes of transport: water, air, rail and road.

The association is active throughout Serbia the plan is to be involved in a number of projects within the investment areas, together with or on behalf of the members. In this way, the association will provide value for its members and remain relevant and effective.

As a member ITS nationals and ERTICO - ITS Europe, ITS Serbia has cooperation with professionals from all around Europe, collecting and sharing experiences and making new opportunities.

Members of the association will have an opportunity to access seminars, webinars, professional networks and regular news updates not only from Serbia but from all European countries that are part of ITS nationals and ERTICO - ITS Europe.

No matter the role you play in the implementation of the ITS Services, do you “Want”, “Make”, “Use” or “Rule” the ITS service, you have a place in ITS Serbia.