Partnership with ERTICO

ERTICO – ITS Europe was founded in 1991 at the initiative of 15 industry leaders ERTICO – ITS Europe founded by 15 organisations from 5 business sectors and the European Commission to fill the gap between research and deployment of mobility services on roads with a motto “Cooperation and Coordination. For better transport in Europe”.

Throughout the time, ERTICO - ITS grown into a public-private partnership organization with over 120 members, connecting eight different sectors through Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and smart mobility.

Members include service providers, suppliers, the traffic and transport industry, research institutions and universities, government authorities, users, the connectivity industry, as well as vehicle manufacturers.

In 2004, Network of National ITS Associations coordinated by ERTICO has been established.

In the past two decades, as highlighted in the statement, ERTICO has led dozens of European projects, organized 38 ITS European and world congresses, grown from 15 to 120 partners, taken a key role in public consultations and policies, and established long-standing relationships with key partners in Europe, the United States, Japan, Russia, and China.

ERTICO facilitates collaboration among its partners in their ambition to advance innovations and implement solutions for smart mobility.

Together with its partners, ERTICO develops, promotes, and connects intelligent transport systems and services (ITS) through various activities, including European co-funded projects, innovation platforms, advocacy, events and international collaboration.