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ITS Serbia, the National ITS Association has been founded in 2022, with the purpose of contributing to the improvement of efficiency and safety in the Serbian transport system, and implementation of best European practices.

As a part of ITS nationals and ERTICO - ITS Europe, ITS Serbia aligned its focus areas with partner organizations.
We connect four focus areas and cross-sector initiatives:

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Connected, Cooperative & Automated Mobility

The landscape of highly automated vehicles in Europe is rapidly evolving, marked by significant advancements in computing power and sensor technology, facilitating the collection of substantial real-life data for machine learning algorithms.

ITS Serbia aims to play an important role in in integrating Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), cellular connectivity, and automated vehicles, influencing European policy trough partnership with ERTICO and ITS nationals, and fostering collaboration in Serbia.

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Clean & Eco-Mobility

Smart mobility innovations are essential for reducing transportation's environmental impact, notably in fuel consumption and emissions, as transport currently contributes a significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions.

ITS Serbia works with and supports its Partners on developing cleaner mobility solutions through intelligent transport systems, emphasizing the importance of interoperability and better information to aid decision-making for users and providers.

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Urban Mobility

Future transport policies will increasingly consider urban and rural demographic changes, aiming to optimize infrastructure management for both people and goods across various modes of transportation like cycling, walking, public transit, and urban air mobility.

Automated Mobility as a Service (MaaS) will become commonplace, offering diverse travel options supported by interoperable payment systems.

Traffic management will evolve to be more predictive and interactive, fostering cooperation between private and public entities.

ITS Serbia is committed to working with and supporting its Partners in deploying cooperative applications and personalized mobility services to enhance travel quality and reduce emissions.

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Transport & Logistics

Congestion, notably on roads, poses a significant challenge for European transport, costing about 1% of the GDP annually and contributing to substantial carbon emissions.

To address this, logistics stakeholders are implementing collaborative strategies focused on supply chain integration, multimodal transport, and delivery consolidation.

The digitalization of transport networks and infrastructure presents another challenge, with the potential to integrate various modes of transport into a seamless logistics supply chain across Europe.

ITS Serbia is supporting its Partners in working on solutions to connect logistics information systems, leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Internet of Things.

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Cross-sectoral projects

Recognizing the interconnected nature of smart mobility, ITS Serbia ensures that progress in one area influences others and undertakes cross-sector activities to advance its mission.
These activities encompass standardization, interoperability, establishment of smart mobility knowledge centers, and training on transport digitalization.

Interoperability, vital for seamless data exchange among devices and platforms, is facilitated through standardization efforts, enabling the integration of diverse technologies into unified services.

ITS Serbia in cooperation with ERTICO provides the opportunity for its member to attend TESTFEST™ events: a series of technical workshops to test interoperability between real devices and system.

The TESTFEST ™ events have become a reference for all ERTICO activities on cooperative ITS, eCall, IoT, Logistics and Traffic management.